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    Fairhope High School

    Fairhope High School – Fairhope, AL
    Where is your school located?
    Fairhope High School is located at 1 Pirate Drive, Fairhope, AL, and is easily accessible by South Greeno Road, Twin Beech Road, and Manley Road.
    What is your school’s mission statement?
    Our mission is to partner with the local community in providing quality education that fosters learning. Our vision is to become a world-class learning environment.
    What is your educational philosophy?
    We believe a supportive environment that fosters integrity and academic excellence will pave a successful path for our students.
    What are your curriculum standards?
    Fairhope High School tries to exceed the Alabama State Standards, mandated by the government. We’ve designed an educational program that challenges students’ abilities, preparing them for future careers.
    We also offer an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, designed to educate young students about international organizations and efforts. Their effort is to help students recognize a common humanity and guardianship of the planet in order for our world to become more peaceful.
    What extracurricular activities are available for students?
    There’s a wide range of organizations and clubs the school sponsors. We have something that fits almost every genre and hobby. Students and teachers are also encourage to start new programs that aren’t in existence yet.
    We also have a strong athletics program. We feature sports like football, basketball, volleyball, etc…
    What are some of your school’s greatest achievements?
    The greatest achievement of our community has been our education. We have repeatedly done better than state standards in testing and skills. We are also very proud of our International Baccalaureate Program, which develops international minds in a now globally-tied world.
    What are some neighborhoods or communities located near the school?
    Several neighborhoods and communities located around our school include the Lakewood Club Estates, Rock Creek, The Cottages, and Jubilee Point. A lot of families find these places a joyful place to live, and of course have easy access to our school.