Forest Hill Elementary School Mobile AL

    Forest Hill Elementary School – Mobile, AL
    Where is your school located?
    We’re located at 4501 Moffett Road, just off of Tulane Drive in Mobile, AL. Several roads directly lead to our school, which helps ease traffic congestion in the mornings.
    What is Forest Hill’s educational philosophy?
    We believe when people work together, they achieve more. We foster skills that will provide the foundation for lifelong learning in a warm and safe environment. No child will be left behind with our dedicated team of faculty, parents, and teachers.
    What are Forest Hill’s curriculum standards?
    We follow Alabama’s state guidelines in developing young children’s fundamental skills in math, English, science, and social studies. However, we consistently strive to exceed state expectations by expanding our lessons in more specific areas.
    What are some extracurricular opportunities available to students?
    Forest Hill Elementary supports several clubs and sports activities at the school, like the Jogging Club and Archery Club. We also have the “Green Army,” where students, teachers, and parents support annual recycling efforts around our community.
    What are some of the school’s greatest achievements?
    Forest Hill’s greatest achievement has is the bond we’ve created between our local community. We host several charitable projects all year long, whether it be recycling efforts or helping veterans serving abroad. All our effort has really strengthened our town’s foundation, and we’re proud of that.
    What are some neighborhood communities located around Forest Hill?
    The Springhill community is the closest residential area around us. Semmes is also not far off, and we welcome many parents from that region. One of the most popular neighborhoods parents choose to live around our school is Magnolia Grove.
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