Land for Sale in Grand Bay

    About Grand Bay

    Located on the west side of Mobile Bay, Grand Bay offers you a mixture of southern charm and beautiful scenery. With a population of around 4,000, you’ll be welcomed by the small-town ambiance and feel like you already know everyone.

    Around Grand Bay, you’ll probably notice the large amount of Pecan trees. Since the early 1900’s, Pecan Orchards have been an alluring aspect of the community and provided much needed growth and income over the years. And if you love fruit, Grand Bay has also been beautifully decorated with peach and satsuma trees, giving you a ripe opportunity to try locally grown product.

    Notable Events in Grand Bay

    Every year on July 4th, Grand Bay hosts the Watermelon Festival. It’s an annual event where tourists and locals are invited to sample locally grown watermelons while enjoying the amusement rides, arts and crafts, and fireworks.

    Grand Bay also protects the legendary “El Cazador” treasure. Back in 1783, Charles III of Spain sent much needed money to the colony of Louisiana – 450,000 Spanish reales in total. But after the ship set voyage, it was never seen again until a local fishing vessel caught its net on the treasure. Now it’s stored in the old Grand Bay State Bank.

    Grand Bay Real Estate

    Land for sale in Grand Bay is some of the best property in Alabama. It’s a great place if you want to be close to the water, but not on the beach. Homes are based on traditional southern architecture and incorporate open floor plans to provide comfortable living spaces.

    Search Grand Bay Real Estate and Homes for Sale

    Typical Property Statistics:

    • 3 Bedrooms
    • 2 Baths
    • Average List Price: $113,173
    • Average Price per Sq.Ft.: $77