Saraland Middle School

    Saraland Middle School
    Where is your school located?
    Saraland Middle School is located at 401 Baldwin Road, Saraland, Alabama. It’s right off Hartley Road and Bayou Sara Avenue.
    What is your mission statement?
    Our mission is to ensure that each student realizes their unique potential through a supportive system that employs dedicated staff and educational resources. We have an uncompromising commitment to excellence.
    What are your curriculum standards?
    Our curriculum follows the guidelines set by Alabama’s Department of Education, but we constantly seek to do better than those guidelines. We encourage our teachers and students to go above and beyond on a regular basis.
    What extracurricular opportunities are available to students?
    SMS offers a wide variety of sports and extracurricular activities to our students. For sports, students can choose from archery to football. We have all the popular sports programs you find in America. For clubs, we have the Beta Club, National Junior Honor Society, and we hold an annual Miss Saraland Middle School Pageant.
    What are some of your school’s greatest achievements?
    One of our greatest achievements is the Duke University Talent Identification Program, where a select group of students are given the opportunity to try out for the university’s talent search. The program provides academically gifted students with an innovative program that supports their development.
    Is there a Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.)?
    Yes, we have a P.T.A. Parents support the school through volunteer and fundraising events on a regular basis.
    What are some neighborhood communities located around the school?
    Some students and families that go to SMS live around Charleston Ridge, Tarver Heights, and Willow Walk Estates.
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